Todos Santos, El Pescadero, Baja California Sur

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We caught lots of waves and had a memorable experience. Take a lesson with one of the best in the world, Bud Freitas. These lessons are for bringing your surfing to a new level with a world famous professional surfer.

Special Attention Lessons

We’ll cover everything you need to know to start your surfing career! At Karma Surf School we offer surf lessons following a holistic concept of QUALITY, SKILLS, DETAILS and PASSION for what you LOVE doing most – TEACH SURFING. My wife and I went surfing for the first time during our trip to Santa Cruz. The staff was always very helpful and attentive. My daughter and I took lessons for her 12th birthday and we had a great time.

Hammer Surf SchoolAn Authentic Surf Experience

Our experienced surfer instructors will make sure you get as many waves as possible by pushing the back of your surfboard, giving you a burst of momentum. Our instructor Adam, is very experienced and brings a lot of passion and patience to his instruction. He focused on the fundamentals, providing a great overview of the basics and emphasizing safety while in the water. Overall, it was an amazing few hours in the Chesterman surf. We will definitely be back for another lesson, and will recommend the Pacific Surf Company to others.

Our lesson prices include all the gear you’ll need for the duration of your lesson. This means we both transport and provide the surf board, wetsuit, and any accessories you may need. If you’d like to get back in the water after your lesson – we offer you a great deal on the first 24 hours of your rental! Just swing by the shop when you are ready to hit the water again and we can get you all set up. Learn to surf with your family and your own private instructor!

Our family got our very first real surfing experience in Bali with Malibu surf school, namely with our instructor Riki and I must say it was fabulous. Thanks to Malibu surf school now we realize what a real surfing is, so next time we’ll definitely will take a beginner’s course, not just have couple of hours training. Anyway, we wish Malibu surf school all the best and hope to come back soon. Los Angeles Surf Lessons offers surf lessons for beginners , intermediate & advanced surfer who want to go one step further and refine their technique & style . My 8 year old daughter did their surf camp this summer and it was great.

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